Symbian Anna Update 1:
This Update brings faster better looking apps to your Nokia smartphone and makes it compatible with a wide selection of applications.
Qt and other essential apps for the phone are included in this update.

Qt 4.06(4).sisx

Qt 4.07(301).sisx

Qt WebKit 4.08(0).sisx

Qt Mobility 1.01(301).sisx

Wrt Service Providers 1.00(11124).sisx

CWRT Core 1.00(11124).sisx

SSO 1.04(11123).sisx

OVI 1.00(11122).sisx

CP Services 2.00(11119).sisx

LKM 1.00(11051).sisx

SSOUI 1.04(11123).sisx

Services Client Platform 2.00(11154).sisx

Adobe Reader LE 10.00(245).sisx

SSO Username Widget-signed 1.00(0).sisx

Ovi Notifications Support Package 1.02(11120).sisx

Ovi Notifications Support Package 1.02(11130).sisx [*not from Software Update]

Quickoffice 6.04(460).sisx

Symbian Anna Update 2:
This Update brings new apps to your Nokia smartphone like Quick Office and Nokia Communicator makes some of the existing apps even better.
Contents Include Nokia Maps Final and lots of other apps like joikuspot and Internet search.

OVI Maps ODML 3.06(688).sisx

SignIn Enabler 92.02(0).sisx

Origin of Download 3.06(1).sisx

Search Widget 2.00(5).sisx

Internet Search 3.00(8).sisx

Ovi Maps 3.06(688).sisx

Video Player 9.23(62).sisx

Shazam 3.01(0).sisx

Internet Radio 3.03(0).sisx

Here and Now 2.00(3).sisx

Nokia Analytics Collector 2.03(6).sisx

Microsoft Communicator 2.01(369).sisx

Ovi Music 13.02(24).sisx

Joikusoft JoikuSpot Light v.3.10(1005).sisx  [*Not included in the FULL update Pack.rar file as it was not available for my device]

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