This new version of Nokia Maps has enhanced drive navigation, live traffic services, improved Weather service and more.
Navigate to your destination by car or by foot in 95 countries around the world. Easily check in places and keep your friends in the loop.
Save on data costs when home or abroad by downloading free country maps via Wi-Fi on your Nokia Using Nokia Suite on your computer.
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[In order of installation]

Origin Of Download 3.08(13).sisx

Nokia Maps 3.08(164).sisx

Nokia Maps Engine 3.08(938).sisx

Qt AdConnector 0.02(1).sisx

Guides 1.01(81).sisx

Maps IAD User Guide 1.00(2).sisx

Nokia Maps ODML 3.08(464).sisx

Maps Settings Plugin 3.08(105).sisx

Weather 1.00(138).sisx

Map and Navigation 3.08(109).sisx

Map Apps 1.00(2).sisx

Headless Map and Navigation 3.08(324).sisx

Drive 3.08(105).sisx
Full Maps in single rar file:
Nokia Maps 3.08(105).rar


Nokia Maps Suite:

**Release Notes:
//This is the latest version of Nokia Maps Suite with QT 4.7.403.
Of course you’ll need the latest qt pack if you want this to work.

Nokia Maps Suite brings you the future of location-based services.
Places helps you discover where to go,
and Public Transport shows the best way to get there with buses, trams and trains with worldwide coverage.
Nokia Live View, the augmented-reality browser,
turns your phone’s camera viewfinder into a new way to spot nearby attractions, shops, restaurants and places of interest.
With Pulse, you can check in with the people you care about most—your family and close friends.

Wherever you are, you have access to everything you need to explore your surroundings,
share special moments, and plan your next adventure.


Note: the contents of maps suite aren’t included in the all updates pack below
Latest Qt Pack tested on Anna:

This latest addition to Qt came along with Maps Suite,
You’ll need this for the latest Qt apps to work properly 🙂

Qt 4.07(403).sis

Qt Mobility 1.02(1).sis

Qt Quick Components 1.01(0).sis

Qt WebKit 4.08(1).sis
Maps Suite:

Symbian Solo Plugin 1.00(117).sisx

SSO 1.05(21140).sis

Nokia Analytics Collector 2.04(0).sisx

Qt Places 0.07(127).sis

Maps Plugin 1.01(289).sisx

Maps Service 1.00(53).sisx

Declarative Places gcce 0.07(127).sis

Declarative Places ui 0.07(127).sis

Live View 2.02(13896).sisx

Nokia Public Transport 1.05(0).sis

Places 0.09(80).sisx

Pulse 0.91(6).sis

Pulse Library 0.91(6).sis

Full Maps Suite Package:

Latest Qt Release tested on Anna.rar

Nokia Maps Suite with installation order.rar

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