MasterTools Box Completed Now!

You can set universal cable by this MasterTools box,If u know their pinouts.
As it is the master in hardware protection, the Box and mobiles have been protected by short circuit and ‘positive to negative’ connections.

24 pins free set by your RXD, TXD, RI, DSR, RTS, CTS, DTR, DCD, VCC, D+, D-, GND, Pull Resistance Up/Down and short circuit any dual pins……etc

Repair MTK6235 CPU “BAD SOFTWARE” problem
support all SPD.MTK CPU read/write/unlock/change imei
Support repair Infineon 7880 cpu error imei problem
auto detect charger pin and SPD cpu pinout

Three communication chips
(1) PL2303:USB To COM convetion chip,which is especially efficient to MTK、AD、SKY
(2) FT232BM:USB To COM convetion chip,which is especially efficient to TI、infineon
(3) COM:Which is most stable,and to some old type phones,it’s compatiblity will be very useful
The MasterTools box will automatically choose which communication channel is best according to the phone,and intelligentlly set the box’s parameters in order to repair the phone

As it is the master in flashing, the box supports more than 100 types of flash ICs.


(1) Support all serial MTK , SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon¡ etc
(2) Flash and CPU can be idetified automatically
(3) Readback and Resore full flash room (NOR and NAND) used all format file
(4) Support unlock(phone code or IMEI code)、format
(5) Support API The universal platform never care phones models,never care phones cable defines

One for CPU types:
MTK: 6205, 6217, 6218, 6219, 6223, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6228, 6229, 6230, 6235B_S01, 6253¡
SPD: 6600D, 6600M3E, 6600M3E-265G, 6600D-180, 6600D, 6600R1-275, SC6600D5, 6600H, 6600R¡, 6600L

Before releasing MasterBox, we have spent much time for researching and doing a hard work for testing the box with more than 1000 different mobiles, which have different CPUs and flash types (MTK , SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon¡ etc).

Automaticcally scan the phone’s pinouts definition in few seconds.


Free add any software in MasterTools Box Ⅱplatform, MasterTools Box Try To All Time Give all Costomar’s hot Update

MasterTools Box package
1- Masterbox
2- Full Cable Set (28 connectors) for most models in the market
3- Smartcard dongle
4- Dongle upgrade client


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