Gods and Towers, a 3D PvP and PvC tower defense game.

Gods and Towers expands on the traditional Tower Defense genre by giving YOU the ability to assault enemy defenses. Whether playing in Battle Mode against AI, or online vs other people, Gods and Towers provides endless opportunities to test your abilities.

This 3D game was designed from the ground up with performance in mind. It is designed to handle 100’s of creatures/towers on screen at once. It was tested on 3+ year old devices on Android 1.6 such as the MyTouch 3G and runs fine on the lowest graphics settings. Phones that cannot play Angry Birds are still capable of handling Gods and Towers.

— GamePlay —
Defense – Build towers and survive 100’s of waves of creatures.
Battle Mode – Purchase creatures to send against the computer and boost your income while you build towers to defend against the onslaught from the computer AI
Campaign – A combination of defense and battle modes to unlock new creatures/towers
Online Play – Battle for supremacy against other players via Wifi or Cell Phone network.

*Smart AI provides a unique single player experience every game
*4 different game play modes
*3 Unique Tilesets with endless supply of maps and levels
*42 Creatures with the ability to ATTACK towers
*36 Towers each with unique abilities
*6 Races each with their own tower/creature bonuses
*6 Special Abilities to turn the tide of the game
*-100 Achievements to boost the XP you earn from playing
*Endless amount of upgrades for your towers, creatures, and races.
*Epic custom music


Demikian Informasi mengenai Gods and Towers v0.5.33 Android semoga berguna dan bisa bermanfaat buat kita semua.

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